Sunday, July 19, 2015

Visual Arts Lesson Planners - 6 Weeks at a Glance (for all grades!)

There are major changes afoot here at Artful Artsy Amy. Five weeks ago, I moved from Georgia to California (a long, happy story for another post). And, in just three weeks I will be teaching kindergarten through high school Art (again). For those of you who have been reading since the old days of my private school employment: You know that teaching this wide spectrum of ages IS MY JAM! 

I am so stoked. 

I am also terrified. Planning for at least thirteen (13!!) different levels of Art a week is stressful. Additionally, a schedule so tight only allows for three-five minutes of time for switching out materials and prepping for the next class. Eeek. Prior to leaving the private school five years ago (and in some alternate universe wherein I was apparently much more on top of things than I usually am), I took all of my K-5 lessons and typed them up. In addition to saving the files digitally, I also printed them all out and organized them in a binder. . . With a table of contents. 

Sometimes, my neuroses impress even  me. 
Seriously paid it forward (to myself!) with that binder!!
While all of that organization is well and good, it isn't as if the lessons are ordered in a sequence that makes the most sense for teaching. And, even if they were, I'd probably still want to change it and/or incorporate new stuff. As a visual, control-freak, style of person, I realized I needed an organizer that would be able to give me a "Cliff's Notes" style of planning. As a bonus, such a planner would enable visitors to my room to see the ways in which I am helping students build on previously learned skills. 

Here were my requirements:
-have two sets of grade levels: K-5th and 6th-high school
-be able to see all grades per set at one time
-be able to view at least 6 weeks of lessons at one time
-be able to plan thematically/according to a unit
-be able to plan in such a way that most grade levels would be using similar materials (this would help with that 3-5 minute class change/prep time issue)
-be able list lesson title and media used
-be able to print the document and use pencil (I love digital, but for planning I'm all about the analog)

Ahh! Being able to see 6 weeks at a glance! Yiss!!
Here is where you greatly benefit: I'm sharing my planners with you! 

K-5th grade planner

6th-high school planner

Middle school only planner

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free Art Assessment for Non-Readers!

Howdy-Ho my Art Ed peeps! I hope you are having a phenomenal summer (I know I am).

Art Assessment for Non-Readers Rubric

As y'all know, I'm super big on offering the FREE on my blog. I prefer to not charge for what I share (just my personal preference), and viewers of my content are welcome to use and share what they glean from this space. At the same time, whenever my intellectual ideas/property gets re-posted/shared on the interwebnets, it is nice to be cited as a source.

Soooo just as a reminder, you don't have to pay anything for the ever-so-popular Art Assessment for Non-Readers Rubric; you can have it for FREE right here (as always, and as first shared on this blog in 2011)!