Friday, April 4, 2014

My Top Ten Lists for NAEA2014

Whew. I'm back in the ATL, and if possible, the weather is even better here than it was in San Diego. Call me a swamp blossom, but even the balmy 70's of San Diego felt chilly to me; I'm thrilled that we are hitting the 80's in Georgia. I had SUCH a blast at my first NAEA Convention. I've put together two lists that will help you to understand my joy!

Top Ten Best Parts of My NAEA2014 Experience:
10. Like, OMG, just getting to go to NAEA. So, blessed!

09. All. of. the. presentations. I'm still marinating.

08. Getting to support students from my alma mater whom were making their first presentations too. Can you imagine being an undergrad and presenting at NAEA?! Yup, they're pretty impressive people.

07. Taking my mentor out to breakfast at the Hilton. I felt like such a grown-up, y'all. She is the reason I ever think critically about my practice, ever.

06. Presenting at a national conference. I think I did okay.

05. Getting to be a in a picture with these ArtEd blogging giants. Seriously, I'm small-time; I felt very humbled! And, isn't The Art of Ed's booth killer-cool? Plus, Jessica Balsley is a super nice. 
Not my pic. It is by Mr. Balsley, and was original posted on the Art of Ed's FB wall. 

04. Meeting Cassie Stephens. She's even cooler in real-life, y'all.

03. Not realizing I was in a picture with one of my heroes, Ian Sands, until it was posted on social media. I didn't even get to "meet" him. Ian- if you're reading this- OMG I'm fangirling all over you in NOLA. Advance apologies.

02. I met Phyl of There's a Dragon in my Art Room. No words. She is beyond cool and awesome.

01. Meeting and then getting to present with Cheri Lloyd. Cheri is a rockstar, and I'm pretty much humbled by just how kick-butt her art department -which she made- is. Also, I'm not sure if you noticed or not (was my screaming about it across social media sites not enough for you?!), but Cheri was featured in Tricia Fuglested's visual notes from NAEA2014.
Work by Tricia Fuglested

Top Ten Most Hilarious Things I Did/Happened to Me at NAEA2014:
Oh, wait. I shouldn't share that online. Nevermind. But, if you didn't make it this year. . .I hope to see you in NOLA.


  1. You rock! I had so much fun meeting you...and chattin' it up! Ya make me laugh girl!!!!! :) Looking forward to a long friendship with you!!!!

  2. Yay, this post makes me so happy! And, gurl, puhlease, "I think I did okay" ?! Are you kidding me? You killed it, I'm sure. YOU are a Rock Star!! We need to have a TN/ALT get together, yo!

  3. Aww shucks... we look so adorable together, don't we?

    Maybe next year I'll actually make it to one of your workshops! You've inspired me - I'm going to present one somehow next year too!

  4. It is wonderful to see you had enjoyed yourself and had meet so many interesting people at the NAEA! Were you nervous during the presentation? You seem to be very confident.