Monday, May 20, 2013

Falling in Love with Teaching (Again!)

Organized Chaos
 This has been an overwhelmingly difficult, exciting, and AWESOME school year.

Every year we teach special kids, and have groups that really reach out and touch us. . .But, this year? My second period 8th graders simply blew me away.  In all my eight years of teaching, I’ve never taught class that has been so fun, challenging, creative, and awesome.  I love (LOVE!) these kids.  I’ve been mourning the last day of school for months because that will be my last day to have this group all together. Individually, they are all so amazing. Collectively, they could start a revolution (and just may have).  

I haven’t shared as many lesson plans this year because my 8th graders have changed the way I will teach forever.  They have, in short, taught me a better way.  I’ve been reluctant to write about this here, as I am submitting narratives about this experience to journals and conferences.  But, I’m working on a sort of picture narrative that will (hopefully) be shared here soon.

It has been an incredible and exhilarating year with these kids; these awesome, special, life-changing, brilliant, funny, inventive, creative, enduring, trying, and exhausting kids.

To my 8th graders:  “Magical Faery Chairs Forever!”


  1. Big surprise! You have shown us student faces!

  2. I know! I have permission to publish their faces bc of a lot of media work we did! :D