Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Pictures

As, I wrote about earlier. . .I just finished participating in G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen).   It was fun. It was grueling. It was awesome. It was. . .so. many. things.

Participants were asked this week to send in a 1-2 sentence testimony about the event. Here is mine:
"GISHWHES serves to remind us that the concept of being "grown up" is not only stifling but limiting to the human experience. It may have only lasted a week, but the friendships made, creativity gained, confidence renewed, and emotional growth will last a lifetime."

It really was a rare experience. And, I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that if you have the chance to push yourself beyond your boundaries and explore your status quo. . .You should. It is not only a learning experience, but an empowering one as well.  We see a lot of quotes and sentiments online (and in the world) encouraging us to do this every day. . .But, well, we simply don't. I think we get caught up in our routines and intend to do it later and never do.  I did GISHWHES while in school full time, teaching full time, and living my life.  I made time for it, and I don't regret it.  My partner, Nick, participated as well, and he loved it too (and he worked 55 hours the week of GISHWHES).

Here are a few (of the less threatening to my respectability as an educator!) things we did:

A team picture. Our directions were to look like we were from the 70s and very emotionally disturbed. My teammates are from Scotland, Germany, Turkey, Texas, Oregon, and California.

"What would Tickle Me Elmo look like if he had a serious meth problem?"

"Catch the legendary snipe and render in oil paint."

Film a scene from a movie scene-for-scene. BUT, you must film in the exact same location as the original movie.

Make a mock news show about GISHWHES. The more realistic, the more points.

Commit and film a Random Act of Kindness

Make a human abacus and solve problems

Here are just a few of the tasks we completed as a team (yes. I did a few of these too):
went skydiving
went shopping for diamonds wearing a wig made of buttered popcorn
made a kilt out of cucumbers and had a guy wear it
went grocery shopping with 50 stuffed animals
bedazzled a bosom
made a public petition for p does not equal np
explained Kant with sidewalk chalk
had a group of 5 year olds sing "it sucks to be me" from Avenue Q
Had a talk take us for a walk on a leash (the human was leashed)
took awkward family photos with cucumbers
had a battle in the kitchen wearing only pots/pans/kitchen tools
made a 2' x 2' portrait of a celebrity's face in Skittles
unionized Gishwhes
donated coats to a shelter
held up a quote in front of a famous world monument
made a dress of just cheese and posed in front of a classic car
made a jello angel on the kitchen floor
kissed someone with 11 food items between our mouth and theirs
knitted a sweater for a cat and made her/him wear it
dressed up as eve and posed at a bus stop with an apple
made a 2 foot tall dinosaur out of sanitary napkins
built a tea house from recycled materials and had a cup of tea in it under a bridge
roasted barbie and ken with assorted root vegetables
took a picture of ourself, holding a picture of ourself, holding a picture of ourself, holding a picture of ourself
made a Burger King employee eat McDonalds
hugged a veteran
let a toddler make brownies
made a hair crown
dressed up like a burrito and a taco in public
threaded a four leaf clover through someone's nose piercing
got advice from people married for 60 years on successful marriage
baa'd like sheep at a drive thru window
dressed up like a cheerleader and cheered on morning commuters
did a time lapse photo of a bride and groom standing in a grocery store for 20 minutes
made running shoes out of pumpkins and went for a run a public place

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