Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is on My Desk?

On a fun note, here is what my desk looks like right now:

my desk2
I use all this stuff daily:

1. overhead projector. My document camera software needs to be re-installed, but I don't have the computer administrator privilege to do it. So, I have to wait for the roving technology person to come to my school and do it for me. Since there are about 50 computers at my school that need software so students can complete classwork, I expect my needs are a bit down on the list. So, I'm improvising with this bit of old-school technology.  My media specialist hunted this down for me and was shocked the school still owned one. Actually, we found two, which she told me I could keep (great! I'll use them for tracing etc.!)

2. clipboard with rosters. We had a fire drill today and I had to take 43 kids outside during that. Glad these rosters were handy!

3. tray with current paperwork. It is sort of my non-system-system. "Where is that thingy we got from that meeting last week?" Here. Here is it.

4. Bottled water. duh.

5. iPad. I've falled down the iPad rabbit hole. How did I live without this amazing device?! I also use it quite regularly with some inclusion students. They love it too.

6. Bamboo digital stylus with functional pen. One side words as a stylus for the iPad, the other is a real pen. I have quite a few. They are awesome.

7. Tracing table. I'm tall and it works as a platform for my laptop. AND, I can move my laptop for an easy tracing space for students. I let them trace all the time. . .as long as what they are tracing is their original work.

8. laptop. Everything I do is digital: lesson plans, gradebook, attendance, email, presentations, calendar, class website. . .

9. Pink eraser USB drive. The kids get such a kick out of the fact is is both a functional eraser and a USB drive.

10. Keys. I have, like, a bajillion keys to cabinets, doors, and desks for my room.

11. Stapler. I randomly am always using this thing.

12. DLP projector remote. Don't underestimate the power of your remote!  My favorite function? I can "freeze" the screen. This means what the kids see stays the same (frozen), while I can navigate around on my laptop. ha! love!

13. Day of the Dead sculpture. I just like him, and so do the kids.

14. Wooden posing figure. He is sort of a class mascot. The kids see my owning this as the most visual evidence that I am a "real artist." Which, cracks me up. hey pose him all the time, and NEVER ONCE has it been inappropriate. . .Which totally surprises me.

15. Non-functional electric pencil sharpeners. Well, they do function, just not electronically. Sigh. I purchased them at Target and they do "turn on" and "buzz" but the pencil doesn't sharpen. One of my brightest students asked to take it apart to "investigate," which I allowed. The spinning mechanism moves backwards from the direction it needs to spin in order to sharpen the pencil. But, my student wasn't able to fix it. So, we use them as manual sharpeners. . .And, actually, I like them better that way. They are big, so they don't walk off. And, the kids really like using them.

And, on the floor? 5 bajillion million cords. Where do all the cords come from?
-connection to DLP projector panel
-fan (no air circulation in my room)
-overhead projector
-glue gun
-other random cords; I swear they breed.

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