Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome Back to My Art Room

Whew. School officially starts for me. . .and the kiddos. . .tomorrow!
I wanted to share my room set-up and decoration with you.  I did add a few more posters after these photos were taken, and I'll share those with you later.

It is always so much fun to see the photos of your classrooms; I enjoy them so much. Since so many of you are Elementary Art teachers, your rooms look very different than mine.  I try to make my room warm and inviting, while still maintaining the functionality and "coolness" needed to keep Middle School kiddos on-track!

Also, I blog at least once a week on my school art blog. If you want to see how I pace my classes and what I do each week, please follow me there too.


Hanging to the side of the entrance to my classroom. A parent made that sign for me years ago. I love it!

The view from the door of my classroom

Just inside my classroom door

My "Monas"

Posters on the darkroom door

Supply shelves. Students are allowed to use any item off of these shelves without permission. We are learning the art of self-discipline and personal responsibility

Close up of the supply shelves. I bought this magnetic paper at a garage sale years ago. I cut it down, and use it to label all sorts of stuff!

Common Core vocabulary posters on the cabinet doors

Computer station

View from the other side of the classroom. I have 8 tables for student seating in total.

My work station at the front of the room. This is where I go over PowerPoint presentations and use my Document Camera for demonstrations.

Bulletin board for student drawings. As the kids give me anime and cartoon copies, I hang them up here. I like to celebrate all of their art-driven endeavors.

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