Thursday, April 19, 2012

Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom: A Classroom Contract

This summer, I'm presenting at the 12th Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida. Are any of you attending? Maybe we could organize a bloggy meet-up?

I'm really excited because I'm going to be presenting some research, tips, methods, and usage about mobile phones in the classroom. . . And, this isn't just for the Art classroom! It is invigorating to have the opportunity to talk to non-Art educators about something that we can all utilize.

One of my talking points is going to be the importance of creating a classroom contract for your students in order to manage behavior. I thought I'd give you all a sneak-peek of what my classroom contract for mobile phone usage looks like.

Enjoy! Please feel free to download and share.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lesson Plan: Doodle Houses for Testing Week

Above is my exemplar inspired by Jeanette Carlstrom's "House in the Hills"

Standardized Testing week begins for my school next week and lasts for five days. I'm already feeling bad for the students who will spend at least 1/2 the school day bent over a test. I know when they come to Art they will be fidgety, agitated, and stir-crazy. As such, I want assignments that are engaging, have a high-success rate, and can be completed while students engage in chit-chat.

I came across the artwork of folk artist Jeannete Carlstrom earlier this school year. When I saw her artwork I thought: "OH! I have GOT to do something inspired by this with my students; they will love this!" Normally, I would reproduce an image Ms. Carlstrom's work here, but as a current selling artist, I want to respect her work and copyrights. You should visit her link and check out her great work.

I was especially inspired by the Carlstrom's artwork entitled, "Home in the Hills." The work features quirky lines, whismy houses, and a killer composition. I made a pictorial, process-guide for my students to follow since I know their ability to listen to me will well be fried after four-plus hours of testing.

I will be sure to share the completed works with you.