Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to Quarter 3!

Goofing Around with the Glue Gun!

Today was my first official day back at school after the holiday break! We didn't break until December 23rd and all of my colleagues commented today on how loooong the break felt because of the time we had after the 1st. It was awesome.

What really surprised me was how many of you commented that you only get one week off for the holidays! Even as a child I had two weeks off, and I think I sort of assumed it was a concrete rule. Funny how things you learn as a child seem so "absolute"!

I hope your new quarter is off to a fantastic start. I know I'm really excited about my incoming students. . .And, I'm really excited because I have a lot of students taking Art because it is so accessible to their various skill levels; that is a real compliment and a real challenge. I want to make sure their time in Art rocks!

Today was a teacher work-day and I had the BEST day because I got to spend all $2400 (I have about $3 left) of my grant money today! Wheeeeeeee! I purchased 18 digital cameras (one for every 2 students!), SD cards, USB drives, a bajillion AA batteries, 60 lbs of modeling clay and all the other fun findings for stop motion animation. The math coordinator and I are hoping to meet later this week to discuss how we can incorporate mathematical concepts into the project. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

And, I obviously needed to share!

On a related note, do you twitter? I recently began to twitter and I'll admit it is a bit addictive. I don't notice a lot of Art teachers twittering. . .Or at least twittering about Art teacher things. How cool would it be to share quick quips with one another during the day? You know, for when that cute kid in fourth period makes a hilarious joke about post-modernism and only an Art teacher would get it.

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  1. I'm working on my first claymation project now- I'm super excited! And lucky for you about your break! I was one-of-the-ones with a week... and our 3rd quarter doesn't even start till the very last week of January! Crazy... anywho- can't wait to see your movies!

  2. Hannah! Yeah! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see what your kiddos make!!

  3. Ditto for me - the marking period ends January 20th. But then, of course, we're in school until the end of June.

    Do you have a minimum # of days/weeks in school? We have to have 180 student days in session.

    As for twitter, I have an account but never have used it. I'm so busy during the school day that I pretty much stop and check my email now and then and that's about it.