Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FYI: How to Make Slime

We have been using a liquid starch mix as a papier-mache vehicle. Today, I ran out of liquid starch about halfway through a class and began pouring some watered down glue (I had already prepared for such a moment).

After about 10 minutes the noise level got very loud. . . Lots of exclamations. Screaming with delight. Discovery.

Here's the deal. If you so happen to mix school glue with liquid starch you make a cohesive, sticky slime that will mold into stuff.

And, you know, just for your information the slime makes a great projectile. It will totally stick in some weave. And hair. And on clothing. Yeah.

Just Sayin' ;)

P.S. My boyfriend asked me to read this post to him. . .So, I innocently did. THEN, he took my words and made this song with it. Hilarious! You have to click on the link to hear it.


  1. Sounds like maybe not your best day?!! :-)

    I use Art Paste for papier-mache. One (very inexpensive) box makes 4 quarts, and can be stored indefinitely without going bad. It sticks better than starch, and doesn't dry nasty on your arms like the glue mix or wheat paste. And ***BONUS*** the kids think it looks like dog drool (actually that's what we call it) - or, as another art teacher said, pig snot. Who wouldn't love this stuff?!!

  2. HAHAHA I love the comment about getting in someones weave. A student in my class got paint in her weave and you would have thought she was dying. Sometimes I can't help but laugh a little bit. (I'm not cruel I swear she was fine paint came out no big deal)

  3. Actually, there was just one wee toss. . .That could almost be "accidental" because the flinger was shaking to get the slime OFF his hands.

    Overall, I think it was pretty funny and I love that the kids got to discover. . .And it was honestly only about five minutes of crazy. Actually, it was hilarious.

    Good thought about the Paste, Phyl! I'm mostly just using what I have access to.

  4. FYI My boyfriend made this song about papier mache today: