Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Day of School (For Teachers)

Today is my first day back "at school." I'm off to work in one of the best metro Atlanta school districts, and I honestly couldn't be more thrilled, thankful, and happy about it. Here's to hoping that this is the best year ever (only to be followed by many, many more excellent years).

And, as always, let us hope that it is full of hilarious awesome-ness. ;)


  1. Love your pic! Congrats again and HAPPY FIRST DAY! There's nothing like being a teacher on the first day (or for us first week) of school.

  2. haha where did you get the "hair" that is awesome! You should totally teach pop art in that!

  3. Very glam, Amy! Love it! With a polka-dotted outfit, you could be a wonderful intro to a Lichtenstein lesson.

    Good luck on your first days in your new job. Yippee!

  4. You really need to wear that when you introduce yourself to the kids! Fabulous! Your "Cool" quotient will skyrocket!

  5. Thanks for all the hair love guys! It belongs to a former student (I wish I had it bc it is really awesome). So I'm doing new to the county training right now. Yesterday I sat in a chair and listened for 8 hours while two teachers lectured about classroom management. It's a good review but very dull and tedious at the same time. The great thong is I've met tons of cool people

  6. First off, LOVE THE HAIR!! :) Secondly, how have I never found you in my unending blog searches. Your blog is AMAZING!