Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall: Free Art Education Templates

My school year begins (for me, the teacher) on August 2nd. I can't believe another year is ready to begin. It seems like yesterday I was writing about making torte for the cohort (and that was last summer).

Some of my most popular blog posts are those in which I include copies of the templates I use for lesson plans, behavior management, and assessment. Since some of us are getting ready to go back to school (and those of you who are not, will be going back all too soon) I'm re-sharing my templates with you here.

I've enclosed the templates as jpgs on this blog posting. That seems to be the preferred method for most of you. If you click on the image it *should* open on a new page and in a larger format. As always, ALL of these forms are available in downloadable (and sometimes edit-able) formats on my scribd account:

Unfortunately, I can no longer email the forms directly to you -as I have in the past. I get so many daily requests (ranging from a request to reformat the templates and resend and/or someone who just simply misunderstands how to download the form and wants an email copy) for me to keep up. I wish I had the time to keep up.

If you have an issue, you are always welcome to let me know ( but just know I many not get to you as quickly as you might like.

Art Education Lesson Plan Template

Specialist Behavior Reflection

Teacher Portion
Student Portion


  1. Awesome Amy I will use the rubric this year. I will introduce it the first month. What grades do you use it with?

  2. Wow - thanks for sharing all this stuff, Amy! And by the way, I agree 100% about Midnight in Paris; actually I just posted about it. Fabulous movie!!!

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  4. Phyl, so glad you liked the movie!! And, yw everyone!

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