Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art Classroom Decor

I have had such grand plans of getting over to my new school and getting my new classroom set up. But, my summer has been busy (camp, conference planning, 2 other jobs). As a new teacher to the district, I have 2 weeks of pre-planning that begin on August 2nd. And, if my six years of previous experience have taught me anything, it's don't plan on having any time during pre-planning to work in your classroom. Is that something that is only happening in the South?

Most of my past experience is in private schools. And, what I will say is that my previous principal was very concerned that if s/he gave us time to work in our classrooms that we wouldn't do any work. . .So, his/her answer was to keep it deliberately super scheduled and it was "understood" that we had to stay after school or come in prior to pre-planning to get our rooms squared away.

What with my only having one opportunity this summer to visit my new classroom, I'm really hoping I get a bit of time during pre-planning to work. . .In any event, I'm SUPER prepared to hang out at school until after 7pm.

Fortunately (well, now at least) my previous classrooms haven't had much in the way of bulletin boards. My new classroom is the same! All of this plays out well for me, because I have quite a bit of handmade posterage that is ready to hang. I've posted these images before, but they are among the most popular on this blog. I should mention that one of these includes the infamous no-no board (this is not to re-start the discussion; if you want to add to that discussion please do so here).

SO, once again, here are my favorite art classroom posters.


  1. Love your posters. Exciting! It is so nice to have time to be in your classroom. Even if it is your own time. It sort of centers yourself just to be in your room and think about the year.

    Stella is so good that I think I'll bring her for a few hours each day before our school starts so I can organize. It's not the same though bringing the baby. You should've seen me trying to clean for the end of the year with the baby! I can't find a babysitter that I trust besides for work. . . oh and the fact that I hate to leave her!

    We had to furlough days this year to save the district $ so I will go in anyways to set up my room. My principal is
    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G she always gives us just enough time to get things started if there is nothing to say she doesn't say it. I love working for her. I hope your new principal is awesome. Even if the job is hard, having a "normal" understanding and awesome principal helps.

  2. We are required to spend 5 hours in our classroom prior to the start of school. I'll spend triple that for sure. Then, we officially come back the day after Labor Day, and the first day we are having a FULL DAY PROGRAM on bullying for our professional development day. I'm skeptical. I know it's a problem but the bigger problem will be follow-up. A program is only as effective as the people using it. Plus I'm not sure this program really qualifies as professional development. We'll see. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised!

    Then the next day we'll have some assorted team meetings and union meeting and have most of the day in our rooms supposedly. Then the next day the kids arrive.

    Do all your teachers have 2 weeks of pre-planning? WOW! Or is it just for new teachers - and if so, is it a very structured program or what?

  3. I love the 2D/3D poster! I'm adding it to my pinterest, thanks! :) We are doing inservice stuff for a week before the students start but we do get one "work day" to use however we need two days before they get there!

  4. Love the "Artist go beyond" and the composition poster! I am going to re-create for my classroom. They are awesome!