Friday, June 3, 2011

Did You Receive Lesson Plans?

I've sent off compressed, zip files of Lesson Plans to our lucky winner and to those of you who requested the sample set of 20 (or so) LPs. A few of you indicated you wished to receive the LPs, but I did not receive an email address from you. . .

Ms. Walsh
Becca Ruth

If you DO want the LPs, if you could please drop me an email, and I'll send to you ASAP ( Also, if I accidentally missed your email and/or request for LPs, please let me know.

And, while I do *adore*sharing I ask that you please do not make an initial request for LPs at this time. I'm trying to make sure I honor my obligations to folks who made original comments on my job query postings etc. etc. I do promise that there will be AMPLE opportunity in the near future for LPs!

Thanks Everyone!


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  2. Hi Artsy Amy!!! I really appreciate all the information you artsy blogger-teachers put out here for people like me (first time art teacher starting in September!!!!!) woooo hoooo! So much excitement, yet sooooo nervous, and even more questions! You have a wonderful blog that has helped me immensely....learning about what I can expect in a classroom to what my lesson plans should lok like! I wonder if I have enough I wonder if I will be able to manage all the kids correctly in my 30 min sessions with each class (from PK to 5th). Even though the ideas listed on your blog may not be for the littlest ones, at least I have an idea of how things should get done. Oh and your ideas are fabulous! Thank you so much!!! for everything!!!