Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lesson Plan Wednesdays: Mr. Senecio

This week's Lesson Plan Wednesday is Mr. Senecio. Who doesn't love a great project about Paul Klee?!. I would suggest this project for Kindergartne/1st grade students (I prefer Kindergarten). This is a great way to review shape recognition AND to allow student an opportunity to play and discover color with paint. My Kinders really enjoyed getting to make there Mr. and Ms. Senecios.

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  1. they're so whimsical, love them :) it is definitely a good shape recognition project to keep in mind for K for next year!

  2. Awesome lesson--I am going to try and fit it in next week with kinders--a great review of shapes!!!

  3. I didn't do Klee this year, but plan to next year, so I'm going to tuck this one away till then. I like the simplicity of it for the younger kids.