Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Architect Frank Gehry Recognizes the Value of Creative Play

It is no secret that I believe play has an important, valuable, and much neglected role in the classroom.

I came across this fantastic article today wherein Frank Gehry discusses how creative play is valued by artists and businessmen alike.

Research shows that creative transference between the art classroom and other subjects can occur, but that is isn't likely to do so unless an instructor draws concrete examples of it. So, next time you're telling your students how important it is to think creatively in all aspects of their lives in order to be the successful people that they dream of being, just point to the following example given by Gehry:

"If you’re in a corporation and the CEO comes in, and they’re frustrated about some kind of thing that’s happening, they’ll say, ‘Why don’t we get a bunch of you guys and go up to the ranch somewhere and hang out over the weekend and “play around” with some new ideas?’ ‘Play around,’ they always say that. And it’s creative play. So, they understand that. And that’s all we’re doing. We’re saying, ‘I have this expertise. You have that expertise. We’re going to play around and see what we come up with.’ That works. That always works.”

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