Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shaped Word Clouds

How neat would it be to be able to introduce an artist with a shape that represents him/her and is made from words that describe him/her?

Oh, but you can on Tagxedo (my new BFF).

I made the above word cloud using text from my blog! Enjoy!!


  1. held Mom’s hands in love for an enduring 54-years-worth of days
    served as a magnet for brotherly kindness that drew people in all of his days
    placed his head in his hands in prayer for godliness at the end of the every day
    sacrificed and worked through tough times in perseverance to give us better days
    broke generational cycles with discipline and self-control in his latter day
    fixed many situation with “making do” knowledge every day
    squeezed our hands reaffirming his faith on his last day

    1. the above message was put on by accident. can you please erase. I thought i was making a word cloud. thanks!