Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rally for Education!

Elsa Mora, a fine artist whom I both greatly admire and have written about before, is talking about education today on her blog.

As an educator, I sometimes get bogged down in the day-to-day madness of teaching. You know, those days when one student/coworker/boss/situation/you-name-it got on your nerves/upset you/frustrated you/overwhelmed you/etc. And, on those days, it is easy to focus on the negative things about teachers: "They only work 1/2 a year; they don't deserve higher pay," "They live a lavish lifestlye" (Bill O'Reilly), "This job isn't that hard!" (John Stossel). . . Oh, and you know all of it.

But, the reality is there are far more voices speaking to the positives of teaching. We all know at least one teacher who made a difference for us. . .And, that is everyone on the planet!

Elsa Mora writes: "Not a single billboard says: 'Take care of the children, they're the future, they're the priority. The quality of a society is based on the quality of the education offered to their citizens. . .That would be kind of ridiculous to promote because it doesn't generate profit. In a profit-oriented society like this, social values get totally lost. In the end, money becomes the biggest voice. But, we just can't shut up. As tiny as our voice is, we need to keep using it, otherwise that would be like giving up our rights. Hope must be kept alive no matter what."

Y'all. She is talking about education and educators when she writes that. And, she is writing as a concerned Mama and a concerned citizen. . . and, she isn't a teacher. As my adopted grandmother would say: "How about that?!"

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