Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Photos From My Trips

L-R Cyrus, friend Gershom, Ann, Rebecca, and Monti on our hotel's back porch.

Maybe you're over hearing about my travels?! I did have such an amazing time, and took tons of photos. During one day, I did go into one of the Kenyan National Parks (cost for 1 non-Kenyan is $75 USD!!) and took some amazing animal photos. I also have tons of photos of the kiddos and everything we did.

But, rather than drive you crazy about all of that here, I'm going to link you to where you can view them online: My Facebook profile. My profile is private, but all of these pictures are public for viewing, so you can see them and get more of a feel for what Kenya looks like (incredible beauty with horrific poverty). If you like, feel free to friend me!


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