Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Portrait for My Sister

There are a lot of stories I hear about sisters, how close they are, how they are one another's best friends etc. etc. etc.

My sister and I do not have that sort of relationship. We are like oil and vinegar; we don't mix well, but we are fun together at a party. I can't quite figure it out. Maybe we are too similar. . .But, that really seems to be quite an oversimplification. But, whatever the reason may be, if we spend too long together we usually have some kind of epic argument over nothing in particular. We both have hot tempers, are stubborn, and don't like to admit fault. We are both, usually, convinced of our own "rightness" as well.

But the thing about my sister and I is that while we don't always see eye-to-eye, we have one another's back's in a way that is quite superior. Sure, of course I'd come to her and she to me in the middle of the night, that is a given. We have even more than that.

Once, when I had dumped a boy who didn't treat me very well, he kept calling in way that gave me concern. My Dad teased that I shouldn't worry because I had plenty of people to keep me safe and he meant my brothers and himself. We are not a violent people and solve our issues with words, but at the same time, a healthy dose of intimidation often goes a long way. In this same conversation my Dad remarked: "But really, who this guy should be worried about is your sister. Your brothers and I have some reason. When she is angry, she goes nuts."

And, you know what, she does. And, I do too. If you mess with someone my sister loves, you had best watch out. She doesn't tolerate that at all.

She likes to comment that she isn't much of an artist, but that isn't true. She has a natural flair for color and design, and I think if she tried she could be quite a great artist. She always comes to all of my art shows, and of my family, in many ways, she is my biggest cheerleader. I've hidden in the bathroom during several art shows wherein she has stood with my art and talked me up to visitors. She has a true appreciation for art.

So this year, I made her a portrait.

We may not always get on, but my sister is my strongest defender, cheerleader, and fighter, and I love her very much.

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