Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Week From Today. . .

One week from today I will put on a cap, a gown, AND a hood. I will put on a dress and dark shoes. I will go to a small reception for my cohort. I will go and wait and learn how to "walk." And, finally, at 7pm, services will start for my graduate school graduation.

To my very great regret, I did not walk for my undergraduate degree. I attended The University of Georgia and it would have been so cool to "walk between the hedges!" But, I was an art student and I didn't think that walking was very artsy. So, instead, I had my family attend my final exit show. . . And, that was it. And, I just SO wish I had walked.

So, next week is going to be my big moment for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees (I'm at least assigning it that way).

My very first year teaching the teacher who "put in a good word for me" and enabled me to be hired gave me this clip from Kennesaw State University's graduate program. I remember getting it and thinking: "Man, I'm never going to make it to graduate school."

And now, I'm finished!

This clip has sat on my desk every day since the day I received it. . . And, it will continue to sit there as a reminder of all I can do when determined!

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