Thursday, December 23, 2010

Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go!

I had a very great friend who was also very elderly. She used to say: "You can call me 'little,' and you can call me 'old,' but don't you call me 'little old.'" She was quite the character and I miss her very much.

This is what I gave my mother for Christmas: a small gouache illustration of her and her dogs chasing squirrels in a carmengia. My mother's dream car from her single days is a carmengia. . .And, well, you can't even mention the word 'squirrel' in her house because the dogs know it, and will go nuts.

A few years ago, my mother, who had very dark hair, decided to quit dyeing it and let it go natural. What resulted is the most beautiful gray hair I've ever seen. I hope I'm lucky enough to grow into such a great look. She gets complimented on it all the time. While, I think she likes it, there are times when she feels the gray may make her look older than she really is (she is only 57). She likes to tease and talk about herself as if she were the subject of that fantastic Beach Boys Song.

She is a delight, and I hope (as I am writing this pre-Christmas) that she likes her gift.


  1. are such a sweet daughter! I'm sure your mama is going to be over the moon about her gift! So special! Merry Christmas!

  2. I do SO love my portrait! This IS the way I see myself...Go GRANNY!!! Although I would never, reallllyyy hit the squirrel....