Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coloring Worksheet

Since I teach both High School and Elementary students my schedule is very crazy. Due to finals next week, and my need to be present to administer them, my schedule gets even nuttier. So, since I will have to cancel several elementary classes next week, I've made this little coloring sheet for them to enjoy.

I'm not the biggest fan of coloring sheets as a whole. And, when I use them, I greatly prefer to use the Anti-Coloring Book. . . But, I can't find my my copy, and I'm not sure if the students will even have time to do these coloring sheets or not.

I mostly make these as free-time activities and because when I cancel elementary classes, the teachers understandably get very upset as they lose planning time. I like to, at the very least, offer an alternative to having art class.

And, I would like to add that I hate cancelling classes, but this is how my school handles double scheduling conflicts.

Click to see a larger image, and to download and use in your own classroom.

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