Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Day & 100 Best Blogs by Teachers for Teachers

Hey Guys!

Today was my school's annual "Turkey Day." I taught my normal classes until ten a.m., and then spent the rest of the day serving up a Thanksgiving meal to the kiddos and their visiting parents. It was A LOT of fun because I got to remind the kids to show off their artwork to their parents. I had several run back to me and tell me how much their parents loved their work!

YEAH! It is all about the constant promotion of your department. The parents get to see the artwork when it comes home, but since some parents -especially Dads- don't get to visit as often, they don't get to oooh and aaah over their kiddo's work while it is still on the wall (and thereby see how awesome the art department is). So, that alone made today worth it.

Annnd, I just found out that my blog has been listed as one of the top 100 Blogs by Teachers for Teachers. I'm not sure who exactly compiled the list, but wowweee, thank-you! I'm the 4th listing under "Art Education." Go and check out this amazing list when you get a chance; there are some great folks on it!

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  1. I just looked...and I'm on that one too?!?! Who knew? seems odd that the little blurb says something about..wonder what happens in a male art teacher's room!??!?! Didn't know we did things that different?? ha ha Oh..and I went back and added more to the Winter Mural post..hope it helps.