Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It has never been a for secret for anyone I've ever worked with: I LOVE DISPLAYING STUDENT WORK.

I do. I love it.

This is due, in part, to my memory of how excited I got whenever my artwork decorated the hallways of my elementary/middle and even high schools. Man, my little chest would puff up every time I walked by my artwork! And, well, why the heck wouldn't I want to share that sort of joy with my students?!

I also display student artwork because it really makes the school look great, and it demonstrates that I am doing my job. I know the second part of that sentence sounds a little wonky. I mean, it seems a little counterintuitive to teaching to do something just so it looks like you are doing your job. . .But, well, are you doing your job as an art teacher if you don't display artwork? I know if I was an administrator and I didn't see artwork in the hall AND if I didn't see that artwork change somewhat regularly I'd wonder if that art teacher was doing his/her job.

I had the opportunity to visit a school yesterday that had -literally- a mural on every hallway. . .And, many had more than one! Guys. It was incredible. The principal told me that the school has different artists in the community help paint murals, teachers paint murals, students paint murals and even the head custodian who is also an artist painted a mural. How awesome!

At my school I'm always hanging up cool student displays (or at least attempting to do so!) And, one year, I painted a family tree for the school. All of the leaves have the last name of one of the families that attend our school. I love seeing it hang in the foyer of the school. Better yet, I love seeing the kiddos look for their family name.

So, last week, when I saw the display that Mr. E's students were working on I was sooo inspired! My kids are doing something very similar -completely inspired by Mr. E. And, in this spirit, I've included some pictures of my favorite displays below!

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