Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Artwork Inspired by Retail

I adore shopping. Not because I like to spend money (I don't, and, uh, I don't make any anyways), but because I ADORE looking. It is so inspiring to me to see how others interpret the display of goods, of art, and of jewelry. I love going to stores that support local artists like One Thousand Villages to see what artists all of the world are currently creating for sale.

And sometimes, I get inspired for student artworks from this exploration. Such is the case today. I saw these frames at Anthropologie awhile ago and I thought: "Oh wow! What a great basic design!! I bet my kiddos could use this design too."

And, you know what? They can and did.

Here were our steps.

1. We talked about Persian tile art
2. We cut squares of clay
3. We cut smaller squares out of the middle
4. We pressed a design into the clay
5. We added jewelry class and pressed it into our design
6. We flipped our frame over and wrote our names
7. We added 2 pieces of cut wire (from a coat hanger)

Here is what is to come:
1. One kiln firing
2. add glaze to non-jewelry-glassed areas
3. Kiln fire again
4. print out a picture of ourselves
5. hot glue it into the back of our frame


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