Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Teaser From My Animation Unit

I'm getting ready to send out the link to my animation unit!

It takes learners from the fabrication of animation toys through to the creation of a full stop-motion animation. This is the unit that I will be presenting at the upcoming Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference. This is my first conference AND my first time presenting. . .I'm really excited and don't know what to expect! Any tips for a first time presenter? I'm not bringing in supplies to create an animation. . . Instead, I've created a wiki with the entire unit on it, and will be walking teachers through how to use the wiki, how to do the more intricate parts of the animation (the stuff with the computer), and show them how easy it will be since the wiki takes them click-by-click. I just checked and my session is nearly full, so I'm a tad bit nervous.

So, any tips?

And, I'll be posting the link to the Origins of Animation wiki here on/before Friday. I'd love any feedback you want to give (be gentle!).

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