Friday, September 3, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes

I'm a very proud teacher. The above images are by one of my high school art students. Last year was my first year teaching this student. This student requires some different teaching strategies in order to perform at his/her highest success rate. I, alongside this student's other teachers, made him/her walk the paces alongside his/her fellow classmates. We all differentiated for this student, but since his/her test scores and various other assessments were so high, we did not modify for this student.
Both of the above images were created on 24 in x 36 in paper. The first image was created on manila paper, and the second image was created on black Canson paper (sorry about the glare in the bottom left corner). The first image represents the finished product of a portrait project this student completed in September of 2009. The second image is this student's final output for a colored pencil project on shading, value, and Georgia O'Keefe completed yesterday.
Wow. Just Wow. I feel SO proud of all this student has accomplished; not just in the fine arts, but in all areas. S/he has worked so hard, his/her parents have aided so profoundly. . .It just goes to show, that the right types of teaching styles can mean the world to a student!

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  1. Give yourself a big pat on the back; you deserve it! The student could not have shown such amazing growth without a teacher that saw the possibility of it. Fabulous - thanks for sharing.