Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slotin Folk Art Festival

My mom and I attended the Slotin Folk Art Festival this past weekend. We. Had. A. Blast. The art was great, the people were awesome, and the artistic atomosphere couldn't be denied! One of my Mom's classmates from high school was exhibiting, and I ran into a family of my students too.

My mom was so taken with artist Bailey Jack that she purchased a work. It is so gorgeous. . .And, I'm a little bit envious that I don't have a budget for art purchases right now.

Anyway, I HIGHLY encourage you to visit Bailey Jack online. She is an amazing artist, and is so kind and sweet. We had a blast talking to her! The above is picture is by her, and is similar to the one my Mom purchased!


  1. I'm scared to look at the link. I tried to check it out the other night, and my screen went BLACK and my "on" light started binking RED very angrily at me and my computer wouldn't turn back on. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Jack Bailey - it seems it was a battery problem - but I've unfortunately made the connection and can't get up the nerve to look again. Don't know how to handle a dead laptop!

  2. my blog is jack bailey)

  3. Ladies, The hyperlink in my blog will take you to Phyl, it is a good and stable link. I'm sorry you had an unfortunate event at the same time you clicked to visit!

  4. I've been back to visit the link, and her artwork is lovely. I apologize for inverting Bailey Jack's name!