Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Classroom and Safety Across the Internets

As so many of has have no begun (or at least will in a week or so) the school year, I want to post some pictures of one of my classrooms. I know, I said "one." I have TWO art classrooms; I'm a spoiled, spoiled girl. My school services students aged 3 to age 18, and in the past has had 2 art teachers, hence 2 classrooms. But now, I'm the last art teacher standing and am responsible for both rooms. The smaller students attend class downstairs and the older students attend class upstairs.
This summer I had the fun job of cleansing the downstairs art room. It was in SHAMBLES. And, in my defense, it has only become my responsibility this year. So, it doesn't look quite as cool as the space I have occupied for going on 4 years, but it is not (at the very least clean and inviting) a hot mess. As I read Phyl's most recent post over on There's a Dragon in My Art Room, I was reminded of my own cleaning this past summer.

If you are complacent, lazy, aren't cleansing your art room, and/or are just doing lame-o projects do everyone in the education field a favor: QUIT. There are tons of new teachers who are aggressive, up-to-date on technologies, passionate, and excited to teach. They need a job.

Wow. I went off on a rant there. And, I'm only go to rev up to another (sorry). This day in age, I want to remind all of us who are teachers that we have to extra vigilant in posting student information. My school has a list of students whose parents have given permission for their student's pictures to be published on the school website. And, every time we post something, we have to double check that list against our pictures to make sure that students who did not give permission, are not posted.

Since this blog isn't affiliated with my school, I have no right or permission to post student faces etc. etc. Also, I don't think it is safe to post student information on the web anyway. If I had a kid I would do everything I could to keep his/her face off of my blog and internets (but I'm extra specially protective so that is just me). So, whenever you see students in my pictures, you will see them either blacked-out (via paint) or blurred out (via photoshop). I've noticed a lot of teachers have been posting student faces, and I don't know all the different policies. . .But, I do deal directly with a lot of super protective parents every day and I know that parents at my school would flip out if they thought I was posting their child's face in a public forum. . . So. . . food for thought.

Okay, numerous rants over. Above you can see pics of my upstairs art room which has been my art home for going on four years. During the time I took these photos I teach two classes simultaneously: 4th grade and Art I: High School Art. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the rant! It's important and reminds me that I've gotten lazy. When I started blogging I said I'd never post photos with kids, but somehow they have crept onto my blog. Shame on me. I do know which kids do NOT have permission and have never posted them, but I do agree it's best that none of them are there. My problem has been figuring out how to get rid of the faces. I did not have Photoshop on my computer(s) but as of the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL in June Adobe Elements was put on my school computer. Now I just have to find someone to teach me to use it... I don't dare ask the new art teacher as she is just a wee bit busy!!!! My son promised to help me out (he has a different version of Photoshop on his Mac, and is a pro!)but of course with his Africa trip and then his band recording a CD this summer, he never had a spare moment and is now back at college. GONE. So I have to find another way to learn.

  2. Phyl,

    I know what you mean about Photoshop! But, you can also just open any photo in paint and put a black circle over their faces too. If you want some Photoshop tips, I teach digital arts too. . .And, I have a class wiki that I use as a go-to when students have simple questions. Maybe it will be helpful? You can find it at:

  3. Thanks, Amy. It will be a little while before I get to it, but I'm sure it will help. I'm going to also look locally and see if any class is offered. But in the meantime, DUH - why didn't I think of just using a circle in paint? Thank goodness for blogger-friends to make me aware of the obvious!