Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Break. . .Summer Work?

Grad school is killing me right now. All I want to do this summer is PAINT, but instead I am doing a lot of art educational research (quantitative and qualitative data are -sadly- my new bffs). I remember a teacher saying to me when I was in high school that summer vacation for teachers is like golden handcuffs. I've never really understood that until just this summer. Every other summer I've worked all summer at a second job. But, it has always been something easy that didn't require so much thought or stress. . .Grad school = stressful. Whew.

But the summer naps are sooo awesome. I do have to say that. I'm a night-owl artist/creative-type. . .So being able to paint until 3 or 4 am and then nap the next day is crucial.

So after grad school, grad school homework, late lunch and before naptime, I got some giggles by taking the above picture of my malti-poo, Fred.

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