Sunday, June 13, 2010

Re-Post Junior Ranger Manual

I posted this awhile ago, but didn't have a picture! Last summer, I created all the illustrations for the Kennesaw National Battlefield Junior Ranger Manual for the National Park Service. The Park has a great concept for their manual. In recent years, the Spanish-speaking population around the park has grown tremendously. The problem is that many of the park visitors who don't speak English, don't know the rules of the National Park Service. There have been incidents of people cutting down trees etc. etc. and getting into a lot of trouble simply because they weren't aware of the rules.

So, the park decided to remedy that by creating a manual geared at the children of these visitors who in many cases speak more English than their parents. They hope that in teaching the children the rules of the park, that the parents will understand the rules too. The manual is offered in both English and Spanish.

I had TONS of fun getting to learn about and draw the different types of Park Rangers and drawing Civil War stuff (the park is on the site of a Civil War battlefield).

You can go online and check out the manual here!

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