Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mack Attack!

A little over a year ago my mom and I were on a long drive home from a charity event we had just attended. It was killah hot outside (hello Georgia heat - you are soo painful) and we pulled through a McDonald's next to a split-highway to get a cold drink. As we drove through this huge -beautiful- mutt was frolicking around the drive-thru line and acutally was pawing his way up to the drive-thru window. I was so charmed by him, I got out to give him some fries. And, that little sweetie didn't want the fries, he just wanted a pet-a-roo.

Sooo, there was no way I could leave him on the side of the highway to get hit by a car after that! I loaded him up in my Mom's car (she was telling me I was nuts!) and we drove home. I was going to send out an all-call email to friends to find him a home, and if that failed, take him to a no-kill shelter (I couldn't afford a big dog in my tiny house).

But, my little brother showed up at my house to check out the dog -who I'd named Mack after his finding place (McDonald's). It was love at first sight. Now, a year later Mack is a beautiful 90lb dog who is so sweet, so loyal, and totally in love with Cole (my baby brother). Cole affectionately calls him his brother. Aww.

So, this week Cole will be 21 and I could think of no more fitting gift than a little portrait of the wonderful Mack. :)

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  1. Hey Amy!Great portait with wonderful backgound words, Terrific picture of mack and bro and wonderful story!