Sunday, March 28, 2010

Student Portraits On the Wall

Here are some of my favorite portraits from the 2nd and 7th graders respectively. One of the things I love most about the younger students is the fearlessness with which they approach drawing themselves. Sometimes they are slightly concerned with the portrait "looking good," but for the most part they don't put a lot of limitations on themselves. The 7th graders are a completely different story. I suppose because adolescence is hellish enough what with the self-identity issues etc. that drawing a portrait of yourself is terrifying. There is much giggling, holding up portraits and declaring of "badness," and a HUGE amount of concern over whether or not the portrait represents a good likeness. I try to stress to them that I am more concerned with their attempt to draw realistically than I am in the result. . . I'm not sure it helps much. Both of the students who made the 7th grade portraits above hate them. I think that both are really, really good. It was, for the both of them, the very first time they had ever attempted to draw themselves realistically.

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