Saturday, April 24, 2010

Student Displays: What's On My Walls Right Now

If I could tell someone interested in art teaching anything it would be this:

1. No one is really going to understand your job; be prepared to be okay with that.
2. Take EVERY opportunity to educate others as to why your job is important
3. Don't ever have a free-draw day. This only undermines your job and your classroom.
4. Don't cancel class casually. This only undermines your job and your classroom.
5. Make your lessons meaningful, not only is it just good teaching, it is professional.
6. Teach others the importance of interdisciplinary units when it comes to teaching; you'll have it initiate it, but it'll be worth it.
7. Hang up all artwork -not just the stuff you consider "good." You are just one person, your opinion only matters a little bit. And, it means the world to the kids.

And perhaps most importantly

8. HANG UP YOUR STUDENTS' ARTWORK. It is the most easily understandable example that you are doing your job. And, hello, art is visual. It is important for students to see their artwork on the wall.

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