Friday, April 30, 2010

Keith Loutit and Gretchen Hupfel

above works by Gretchen Hupfel

Okay. I'm in LOVE with this art. Playing with scale is something I have always adored and been intrigued by. . .It's just something that instantly amps up an emotional response to me.

And, so wow, I think I've been in love with Keith Loutit's work for awhile. I've seen his commercial work in allstate ads and the like. . .I have NO idea how he is fabricating this but I want to watch over. and over. and over. and over.

In a way I think it makes me nostalgic too. One of my professors, Gretchen Hupfel, was incredibly intrigued by scale as well. She liked to talk about it in class and was always reiterating to us the importance of scale especially in sculpture. She committed suicide during my junior year of college and even though she was never my favorite professor I've always sort of missed her. She had a really luminary sort of intelligence and brightness. Her artwork was powerful and I've always thought that she would've been hugely famous had her life not ended so young.

So, maybe all that nostalgia makes me love Loutits work too. . .Kind of like maybe that's how Gretchen Hupfel would be contributing if she were still here.

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