Thursday, April 8, 2010

Container Project: Whoa!

For my container project I am focusing on animation. My students love animation and they are surrounded by it. It seems really foolish to not bring their existing knowledge into the classroom. I wrote the lessons and the students did the unit back on February. I am just now making the container though (I plan to use it next year). One of my students biggest questions during the unit was how exactly a zoetrope (the big spinny thing, that you look through to see a moving image) actually worked. I could and can explain it in the abstract: It has to do with a scientific fact about our vision called persistence of vision. Our brain holds onto an image for 1/20 of a second after the image is gone. A zoetrop, by its spinning action, presents images so quickly that our brains are innundated and run the images together. All animation, to some extent or another is based on persistence of vision.

But, uh, that is really meaningless information from a visual standpoint. So, I decided to make a zoetrope. I made about before I had an even semi-decent version. They are very hard to make, which is, I suspect, why they are hard to find today. In any event, I'm excited that the next I teach this unit, I'll have an active zoetrope.

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