Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art Show

I organized a juried exhibition at my school this year. 72 students from ages 3 years old to 12 years old chose to participate. I matted, framed, and hung their artworks and Shannah Dean came to judge them.

Wow. 4 months of planning and execution summed up in the two sentences above. Haha! There was a lot of drama with this show.W e had to order later that I would have liked and under a severe crunch. . .And then half the frames came in were the wrong color! Then, my school didn't want to punch holes in the wall or aid me in coming up with any other solution other than hot glueing the frames to wall in order to hang the show. So, that was an epic battle. Eventually, we decided to glue a shint to the wall and place the frame atop that. And now, students keep knocking the frames off the wall. I've come up with several solutions to this issue which involved walking in a line etc. etc.

In any event, it is now up, and the bottom line, is that I am THRILLED with their work.

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