Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art Rockstar

The below and above are images by one of my favorite student artists. The assignment was to draw their favorite animal after researching animals in the library. He chose his pet dog. And, his drawing in this manner is 100% deliberate. This drawing, which is 8.5 x 10. 5 inches took him over four hours to complete. And, if you include his pre-planning time, about six hours.

Who: 4th graders

The assignment: Draw a still life based on vegetables and a bowl presented. They were told it was okay to be creative and change the way the bowl looked etc.

The results: Both of the works below are unfinished. The first is very typical of 4th grade work. She understands the assignment, is drawing veggies and fruit in a bowl. It is somewhat cartoonish, but there is an effort to draw realistically. The second work is by one of my favorite students. His family is a very cheery sort, who are athletic, social, an active. The kid actively broods everywhere he goes, prefers to avoid his classmates (and they are not mean to him, nor is he a victim of bullying etc.), and requested to sit alone by a window to work in my room; which I allowed. He too understands the assignment because I asked him to verbalize it back to me every time there is a new assignment just to make sure. Check out how cool his bowl is with winding lines. And do you notice the bananas inside the closed shapes the bowl-line makes? How awesome is that sort of thinking? Every. Single. Piece he makes has this awesome abstract quality. I would say that perhaps that is just how he draws. . .But he thinks about drawing this way. He will observe for nearly an entire class. At first I thought he was avoiding work, but no, that is his routine. He observes for one class, thinks inbetween classes, and then draws some mad, aweseome abstract thing below. And, he erases when the line isn't where he wants it etc. etc. His parents are visiting psychologists and psychiatrists and having a battery of tests run on him etc. etc. I'm not an expert, and think that it is probably wise of them to do this. . .But, based on what I witness in my classroom, I would say that his drawings aren't the result of any kind of disorder, but instead are those of choice. He picks his colors carefully. He cares what the picture looks like. And, he doesn't judge himself against the work of others. . .I think it is pretty teriffic. I hope he ends up in Art school. lol.

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