Friday, March 26, 2010

Today in the Art-room.

We have been working on self-portraits across grade levels. Now that I am hanging up the fruits of my students' labors it is really neat to observe how the different age differences play out when students draw people. There are self-portrait examples hanging from 2nd grades, 7th graders, and high school students. I love them all. . .But, I ain't gonna lie, the cute 2nd grade stuff just slays me.

Busy at Work

When one student finished he asked to work in his journal. I thought it might be for an assignment, but it was a real journal; and he had it really filled up. Wouldn't you kill to have a journal like that left over from when you are 7? How hilarious would that be? It turns out the journal is a prompt-based journal that is thematically centered on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My student told me that some of his journal was about him, but that a lot of it was stories he decided to make up. He showed me this story and page. Be prepared to be impressed. He is really only 7!!

Hi. My name is Lucky. I know you think this is a diary, but it is a journal. Greg bought me a book with the word, diary. So just for the record don't. . .say. . .DIARY! This week I always got off the hook. Like when I took a math test and cheated, I looked at Gabe Boniel's paper and he saw me. But I got lucky.

This illustration is about Lucky being lucky. Someone else is being shoved by bully near the lockers.

And, in other news, while walking around with the camera I slipped on my seriously slick floor. The awesome janitors buff the art room every night. While it looks pretty, I wish it could be permitted for it to get a little junked up. The polish makes it like a roller rink in there. I slip and slide all over the place all over the time. As I went down, the camera snapped. Pretty cool angle, no?


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