Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talking about Art

Sometimes talking about art with non-artist people is tough. They ask questions about your current work. You respond and then they feel this is an invitation to critique. Since most of the time the "in progress" work isn't present, these non-artist people are critiquing artwork that they have never, ever, seen. And, I suppose it is just because they want to help you, or contribute, or be an expert, or you know god-knows-what. . . But, it is nonetheless infuriating! Dealing with all those little nuanced issues is part of the artistic journey/experience I love so much. I LOVE figuring it out MYSELF. Well, at least until I hit a brick wall. . .And, then I'll show someone the art and be ready for some hard-core honest opinions.

Yeah, so it is difficult to share about your art. Sometimes it is easier to be all mysterious.

That is all.

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