Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring. . .FINALLY!

I used to make fun of my Mom's cowardly hatred of winter. She'd shiver and complain all winter long when I was a kid. Her hatred even went so far as to seed little tiny plants all over our dining room because she just "needed to see something green." Okay. But, let's get real. I grew up in Georgia; hardly the clime of harsh winters. I clearly remember thinking "What a wuss," when I was kid.

Well, I've shivered and complain all of this winter. I've hated it since October. In my defense, we've had one of the harshest winters of my entire life down here in Georgia. . . I've had at least 4 days off of school due to snow alone. See, in Georgia winter usually goes like this: one day of 20-30 degree weather for four or five of the high 40s and maybe even one day of freakish 60s. And this winter? Well, it has been in the 20s nearly EVERY day. Oh. the horror. Look, I know I'm a big baby. But let me just say (yell) this: Winter sucks!

I'm a swamp blossom.

And, I actually teared up when I saw this tree.

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