Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past summer I had the unusual and great pleasure to work for the National Park Service. . .as an illustrator. As I am not a naturally outdoorsy, athletic sort of person myself, I was excited to learn more about what the Park Service does. Basically, Park Rangers are pretty much the coolest people you will ever meet. Think a mix of firefighter, trail-master, customer service rep, historian, and equal parts of chill, and you get a Ranger.

My job was to illustrate the English and Spanish Junior Ranger Manual for the Kennesaw National Battlefield Park. This included illustrations about the historical civil war battle that took place on the park grounds. I now know waaayy more about the civil war soldier's basic equipment kit that any non-civil war buff should. :)

This past week the National Park Service -in a worthy effort to save paper- published the Junior Ranger Manual online. Go to this link and click on one of the manual's to view the Manual. They are super awesome, and full of great information. If you are planning a visit to the park with wee ones (and you should it is gorgeous), simply print out the manual ahead of time and fill out the activities as you enjoy the park. When you are finished you can visit the main Ranger Station and get a Junior Ranger Badge.

Kennesaw National Battlefield Park is gearing up for its busy summer season. If you have little ones you should really check into their super awesome summer camp series. If you are outdoorsy, you should check out their trails. And, if you are like me, you should leash up your pup and just stroll among the trees!

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  1. How cool! :) I lived in Kennesaw for a few years and now I don't live far from it...but I still have not been to Kennesaw Mountain :S Great job on the manuals :)