Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Philosophy Reflections

Deconstructivism. I’m not a fan. But, maybe because I’m not a fan of analyzing anything to THAT degree (and I’m the analytical sort).

Derrida writes/talks/pontificates about self/observation of self and truth a lot from my limited knowledge of him. As in, what is a representation of our true selves? Are we/how are we different with others etc.

I was pretty socially awkward for a long time; still am. At this point in my life, I’ve found the only way to deal with that is just be as authentically myself as I can be within the realms of not causing immediate harm to myself (psychological or otherwise). So, I say what I what, when I please for the most part.

For example, I didn’t unleash my true feelings on the video we watched tonight because it really isn’t in my best interest to have my professor find me difficult (any more than she already does).

So, do I get it? Yeah. You might say I was not authentic tonight. But, you could also say that I was authentic; because I acted in the way that felt true for that situation. See. Way too much rubber, kookified nonsense.

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