Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Film Lecture Reflections

This past week my class was fortunate to have a visiting drama professor come and discuss some of the finer points of the art of film.

I wouldn’t say I have a strong background in film, but I do love technology. And, as such, have a fair amount of experiencing in creating “moving pictures.” I appreciated the concept of the film in the classroom, and especially the attention that was given to the editing aspect. And, while I am familiar with flash media and as such imovie, the review wasn’t harmful. Truly, it is important for students to understand the connection between what they shoot and how they present material.

In my experience, students are extremely linear. They often want to shoot items in order, and display exactly what they shoot. Taking the time to shoot in a way that is time conservative and uses different vantage points takes more pre-planning than the average student wants to volunteer. Additionally, taking shot material and then cutting and splicing it to better effect shows a sophistication that most students are gradually acquiring. All of this leads me to believe that when creating a film project it is important for the teacher to structure time.

For example, my students are constructing a claymation series. And this is the break down of assignments for them. For each assignment the student must receive teacher approval to move forward:

1. theme based on 2 continuous lines of Shakespeare

2. develop of a story idea

3. development of characters

4. story-boarding

6. set design

7. shot layouts and boarding

8. photography

9. importing into computer

10. cleaning up images

11. editing and ordering

12. timing

13. researching music

14. adding music

15. re-editing

16. publishing

Film projects can take a loooong time and I think it is important when doing a film project to consider what the different objectives can be. It is important to incorporate as many disciplines as possible when doing a project that may take up to a month or longer to complete.

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